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The 3 R’s- refrain, refuse and resist!

Lockdown has taught us so much and stretched our leadership skills to the limit at times but there is much we should cling on to regardless of whether COVID remains or not. In some areas there have been so many positives but I worry that many will find themselves tempted to slowly go back toContinue reading “The 3 R’s- refrain, refuse and resist!”

NQT? I’m coping better than anyone!

Why NQTs might be coping with remote education better than anyone else. I look at my daughter and how she has adapted to remote education with awe. She has, over the course of the last few weeks, transformed her teaching from traditional class based to a blend of live, recorded and class- based teaching andContinue reading “NQT? I’m coping better than anyone!”

Guest Blog: Sumaiyah Shaikh NQT

Teaching through a pandemic as an NQT. As the whole country battles through the pandemic, we have all realised how vulnerable our elders are. Although it is imperative that we keep them in mind, we still need to remind ourselves that our future will be determined by our children. Overlooking them could ruin a wholeContinue reading “Guest Blog: Sumaiyah Shaikh NQT”